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Join us in the fight against cancer with Sues Crew - AZ Annual 30 Mile Walk!

Our Supporters

Sue's Crew is fortunate to have many local individuals and business who support us!  We don't do this alone, many local business and individuals donate their time or supply items needed for our annual fundraising walk.




Distinktive  Autobody

Paxman Photography

White Mountain Water

Distinktive Auto Body sponsored Sue's Crew-AZ shirts in 2013 and 2014 wow they came out great! Thank you Jerry Tinkel and Jacci Tinkel!

Chris Paxman Photography has helped us with many things over the years - he takes the walk photographs and supports much of the technical help we need.

Water from White Mountain Purified Water and Ice has kept us going on the 30 mile Sue's Crew Walk For Life. Not only the water but the affirmations that were printed on every... bottle! Thank you Bosley and Adria for your kindness! You helped keep us going!



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