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Join us in the fight against cancer with Sues Crew - AZ Annual 30 Mile Walk!

Our Story

Sue's Crew is the story of how cancer affected just one family, we know there are thousands and thousands more out there! Sue's Crew is just one story, one family! Isn't it amazing how one families story has been turned into a positive because of the love of a daughter and her brother and sister and now so many other people, strangers and friends alike!  Susan Hillebrecht will live on because of the dedication and caring of a group we call Sue's Crew in Maryland and in Arizona! People are indeed incredibly giving and absolutely caring!


We are in it to end it!


Susan Hillebrecht passed away from breast cancer on August 4th 2010. From that point forward her daughter, Kristen Hillebrecht and her friends, brother and sister, have been on a mission to do something positive in the fight against breast cancer and other forms of cancer as well!


SUE'S CREW was created in 2010 by Kristen, who got involved with a 5k walk in Washington, D.C.. and also in 2011! In 2011 the fund raiser "Shooters for Hooters" came to be and raised thousands of dollars!


Kristen's friend Amy Gibson also did a "Shooters For Hooter's" at the same time in the Bethesda, MD area again raising thousands of dollars! In 2012 "Shooters For Hooters" returned in Western Maryland along with Nicole Wigfield's "Breast Fest". Also in 2012 came the big walk! 40 miles in Washington, D.C. with Kristen and Nicole! Lot's of blisters, lot's of tears , some of sadness and some of joy and a great feeling of accomplishment and the wonderful awareness that you were helping someone else fight and get through this terrible disease!


Then in 2012 , Sue's Crew-Arizona was created! Jim Hillebrecht walked 27.2 miles and raised $4,000 dollars in 2012 and $ 33,000.00 in 2014! and we hope to continue to do the same or better every year .